january - march 2018 [design phase]

july 2018 [installation, Eaux Claires IV]

installation | interactive art

Collaboration with Jason Van Yperen

(POP)UP is a floating canopy of balloons set in the forest. 

It is 500 large spherical balloons, offset with 4’ spacing along the forest path. This field of familiar objects fosters a childlike sense of wonder through its repetition in a foreign setting. From afar, visitors observe the field as a cloud, carving a space between the trees and the ground. It redefines the outdoor landscape, reacting to the wind, the trees and the changing topography. 

From within the field, visitors notice the gentle sway of the balloons in a breeze, or the rhythmic tapping of raindrops--heightening their awareness of the forest’s ephemeral character. Gazing up and out at this rhythm is meditative; as the sun sets, the orbs slowly start to glow.

Photos by Zoe Prinds-Flash and Alisha Bube.