comprehensive studio [spring 13]

The human body moves through space just as light does: interacting with it’s boundaries as it “dances” through obstacles. There is a rhythm and logic behind the flow of our bodies as we interact with our surroundings. Light has a sense of fluidity and organic nature, creating liveliness as it interacts with physical form. How individuals interact with their surroundings is crucial, and can be directed based on their gestures. Through encouraging engagement and interaction, the essence of movement is captured. Dance similarly encourages and seeks to capture this same idea of movement in its expression. Moreover, a sense of identity is established with the collection of these gestures. This charter school engages the users to move (similar to light) through the intermingling of different program types. 


Movement and circulation is interpreted into a “surface structure” that occupies the circulation/central core. The facade is interpreted as a continuation of the same language as the “surface form,” carving the sides as a “solid void system.” Dance studios locations act as a mapping for movement of the central core, dictating the generation of the circulation and “surface form.” The charter school acts to bring users in and encourage interaction through movement.