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little tokyo lofts

fall '12


program: 6 work-live lofts | 24 double lofts | 28 single lofts



Located in the area of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles, the concept for this project seeks to embrace today’s lifestyle of public display (most evident in social media). Rather than see housing as a retreat, the project dares its occupants to embrace the public display lifestyle to its fullest.

This loft project explores and takes advantage of the manipulations of transparent and translucent materials to create a unique atmosphere while still maintaining basic private needs. Each loft wall has a varying level of transparency and visibility to its surroundings. Blue opaque (translucent) polycarbonate paneling is contrasted with transparent floor-to ceiling windows. A structural concrete slab and central core maintain private program. The interaction of these wall typologies provide an environment in which public and private spaces blend to create a playful, contemporary living environment.

The approach of the lofts orientation allows for the building to provide natural shading, and the separation of each loft allows for circulation, personal outdoor space, as well as natural ventilation.


production tools: autocad | rhino | vray | illustrator