may - august 2013 [design phase]

july 2014 [installation, The Getty Center Los Angeles]

installation | interactive art

"Fuzzy Grids II is a field of colorful large-scale cubes set on the grid of the Getty Center's Arrival Plaza. The white boxes reference the monochrome surfaces of Richard Meier's architecture, while the color is sampled from the polychromatic Robert Irwin-designed garden. In collaboration with sound artist Chris Rountree, who supplies an idiosyncratic soundtrack to guide participants with different tempos and atmospheres, Predock_Frane Architects have designed a flexible kit of parts that visitors can manipulate- like a giant game board- to form patterns, images. and even three-dimensional landscapes."

- Getty.edu


The final result is a field  of 256 cubes being re-assembled by visitors of the Getty Center.


All work shown here  was created while working at Predock_Frane Architects. All rights reserved by Predock_Frane Architects.

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